Saturday, January 12, 2008


Further to: annoying songs. I unfortunately remembered the "hit" by songstress Patsy Gallant, "From New York to LA" here's how it started:

In my mind there's a face
On my lips, there's a name
In my life, there's no place
For the man that I love
'Cause I'm livin' my life
Just to sing and be free
From L.A. to New York
From New York to L.A.

I suppose what makes this song less than Awesome, is the fact I remember a Canadian Content TV show on CTV that featured the one-dimensional and strangely-faced Patsy singing her "hit" at the start and finish of EVERY SHOW!!!! At the time, of course, she was neither a star in New York, L.A. nor even Medicine Hat. I still shudder at the hideous vision of somewhat boney Patsy strutting across a sound stage in Toronto, feebly trying to convince the viewers that she was "hip" and "relevant" in her sparkley disco gowns, while the rest of the world was listening to The Clash.

Ever a reason to destroy brain cells....Patsy Gallant singing "From new York to L.A."

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Anonymous said...

Worse yet. REmember when she did the Canadian Music Awards show on TV. She was to present with an icon of music and was all over him. She even jumped up on stage spread eagled her legs for all to see. Including all of us watching at home.

I heard she's headlining an act in Faro Yukon these days. Patsy and her singing huskies.