Sunday, January 20, 2008

Signs of the northern climes

Random thought time. Here's a few words or phrases that will identify someone who lives in a northern climate every time (kind of a "you know you're a redneck..." theme, but in this case "you know if you're frostbit..."). Here's a few phrases that will always identify a northerner (strangely enough, most to do with driving conditions).

"What's the windchill?"
"Did you plug in the car?"
"I need a boost"
"I bet I can make it through that snowbank if I just give' er"
"I hope my command start will work from here"
(This one's old and not really relevant any more, but I still like it): "Nuts, the frost shield has a crack in it"
"Oh great, my coat broke" (not torn.....broke)

I think people who live in northern climates take a kind of perverse pleasure out of telling anyone who will listen about the extremes they work through. To tell the truth, I kind of like many parts of winter, except the -40C stuff, which makes me want to call in sick until may and try to live off of "Chicken Delight" delivery. I have to admit, the long nights and endless putting on and taking off of boots, parkas, mitts, touques, scarves and polar fleece get very tiring after a while. What makes it all worthwhile, however, is how you feel when you get the first warmish day of spring. When you step outside and realize you don't have to hunch your shoulders against the cold....birds are singing, snow is melting in rivulets down the street. It's still probably -10C, but you don't care, because by comparison it's semi-tropical. The charge you get out of realizing that winter is over is what it must feel like to get out of jail, or maybe an Adam Sandler movie. It's pure bliss, and everyone and everything you come into contact with is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Spring. Forget what the calendar says, in this neck of the woods it's only 3 and a half months away. What's that number for Chicken Delight again?


Nat said...

I also love when it's suuuper cold and you step outside and that first breath kind of makes your lungs collapse. No, seriously - I love that.

I feel like chicken CHICKEN TONIGHT!

Nat said...

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