Thursday, September 6, 2007

Better Than Awesome-hiking!

Hey, it's September! What better time to take directionless hikes through the woods, getting "in touch" with a nature that humanity has spent 11,000 years trying to avoid? Attached is a photo I just took today in Bird's Hill Park, which is a little north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This particular view is along something called the "chickadee trail" (other choices were the "cedar bog" trail... "tell your kids you love them....drag them through a bog-today!" the "lime kiln" trail, and the "Bridle-path" trail). I have to admit I'd be hard-pressed to point out a "chickadee" in a police line-up, but the walk was rejuvenating (i.e., it left me wondering how I could get cramps in parts of my legs I didn't even know existed).However, I have no regrets. it was a great way to spend an afternoon, and I didn't have to feel guilty looking out at the lawn work that was being avoided.

So why not turn off the computer (after you read and responded to my other posts, of course....I'm trying to attract a sponsor), get out of the house and find a park to gambol through!

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