Sunday, July 8, 2007

Better Than Awesome!

Welcome to my Blog!

There's going to be a theme to this site. I'm going to post examples of what I think are people, places, things and events that are...."Better than Awesome"!!!

What constitutes "better than awesome?" Things that aren't necessarily famous, popular, well known or trendy, but which always make you feel like saying "damn....that was really awesome!"

"Better than Awesome" exists everywhere, but since I'm going to be working off of personal experience, you're going to read about stuff you'll find in north-central North America (how's that for non-specificity?)

I'll also suggest some of the "anti-awesome" that fouls our day to day life, and, of course, invite comments and suggestions.

That's about it. I hope you get a kick out of reading my blog. Let the awesome begin!


1 comment:

Rosslyn said...

Hey Paul,

How 'better than awesome' to touch base with you.
I am your 'better than awesome' New Zealand friend and your are my 'better than awesome' Canadian friend.

I am about to bookmark your site, and I will be checking it out often.

In the meantime, syncronistically, I have begun my own blog sites. Both on MySpace and on Live Journal. I will send you the addys so you can check out on my life too.