Friday, July 3, 2009

Monster Bash 2009-WAY better than awesome!!

I just returned from Monster Bash, the classic horror and science fiction movie convention held each year in Butler Pennsylvania (or was it Butler, Transylvania? The puns were pretty hot and heavy!)

Just like the last two years, Monster Bash was better than awesome. This year the theme was "Frankenstein" (yeah kind of like a Rose Bowl theme being "happiness" or "the world of friendship", there's SO much you can do with it!). We had endless Frankie movies, Frankie impersonators walking (or maybe stalking) around, and actors with various ties to theme of "Frankenstein" (e.g. Gary Conway, who played the "Teenage Frankenstein" in the movie of the same name was there!).

On amore serious note, Lou Ferrigno, who played the Hulk on TV was also a guest. On the first day of the convention the world learned that Michael Jackson had died. Lou was working as a trainer for Michael, which meant the Bash was probably pretty stressful for him. Despite that, and some reporters who were spotted lurking in the hallways (hey, who are the REAL ghouls here??)Lou stayed the whole weekend to greet his fans. As far as I know, the monster kids all respected his privacy and didn't ask him about Michael Jackson. Bash looks after Bash.

Most monster fans love the A & C movie "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein", so they showed that (drive -in movie style, outside in the parking lot), as well as having a pair of the greatest Abbott and Costello impersonators I've ever seen, AND Lou Costello's daughter, Chris Costello, with some of her family's old home movies. Toss in celeb's like Ricou Browning, the original Creaure from the Black Lagoon (underwater version-the land Creature was played by Ben Chapman, who just passed away last year), a great dealer's room, and hundreds of Bash-hungry monster kids and you have this man's version of heaven-on-Earth.

Some personal highlights: I met more fellow Bashers this year than in my previous two Bashes. One was a gent named Bill who I met at the Drive-in A & C night. He's an older gentleman who was sitting on a walker, waiting for the show. I had a rent-a-car, and was alone, so I invited him to take a seat in the car. To make a long story short, we became best buds. he asked me all about Canada's health-care system, and what he was hearing on his local news (much of it bad). He turned out to be a CFL fan, so we talked Canadian Football long past the point I thought he would get bored. On Sunday night, after the Bash was over for the year, we sat in the hotel pub and yakked 'till they kicked us out. Here's to Bill-see you next year bud!

Here's also to Ken & Michelle-they're a couple who needed a ride to the Pittsburgh airport, or were facing a $100.00+ cab fare! I was able to give them a ride and we laughed and talked the hour away. Needless to say, I hope to see you guys there again next year as well.

Monster Bash celebrates the classic monster movies we loved so much as kids. Moreso, however, it celebrates the fact that, as adults, we love the fact that we're able to get together with other "monster kids" to share our passion for these classic old films and characters. It may be advertised as a movie convention, but it's really a giant-sized green-skinned love-in with bolts in it's neck! Better Than Awesome.

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Nat said...

Love the strangle shot! Glad to hear you had a fantastic time. Say hi to AGF for me!